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                                                                                                     Dress ICON Tulle Black & Rose        


                                    Dress ICONE Tulle Black & Nude                                                                             Dress ICON Tulle Black & Red


                                                                        Dress RED CARPET Black                      Dress RED CARPET + Straps


                                           Dress SHEER LUXE Black                                                       Dress AMERICANO Black                                    


                      Dress NEW ROMANTIC Black                          Dress TRINITY FRINGES Black                              Dress ICON DERBY Nude & Pink     



                                        Dress MARILYN Lace Sensation                                                                           Dress MARILYN Caviar Black

                                  Sale! Dress GLAM QUEEN Blue Royal                                                                  New! Dress ALWAYS PERFECT Glitter Blue


                                                                                                         Sale! Dress MARILYN Blue Royal                                                                


    Dress MARILYN LONG Caviar Black         Dress MARILYN LONG Black & Chestnut Brown                        Dress MARILYN LX Chestnut Brown

                                             Dress RED CARPET Purple                                 Sale! Dress RED CARPET Gold-Starflower   Sale! Dress GLAM QUEEN Purple

                                             Dress NEW ROMANTIC Red                                                                                 Dress MARILYN LONG Red



                                           Dress RED CARPET Red + Straps                                                                                     Dress RED CARPET Red

                                             Dress MARILYN LINE LONG Pink                                                                             Dress TRINITY Red                           

                                   Sale! Dress GLAM QUEEN Campari Red                                                              Dress MARILYN LINE LONG Campari Red




                        Dress GLAM QUEEN LX Tourquise with Gold Sequins                             Sale! Dress GLAM QUEEN Glitter Small Dots Blue Royal                 


                                                                                                Sale! Dress HIGH SENSE O.S. Red



                                             Sale! Dress SHEERE LUXE Grey                                                                              Dress MARILYN Campari Red



                                                                                                Sale! Dress GLAM QUEEN Edolo Pearls Grey   


                                                                                                      Dress MARYLIN LINE Caviar Black                                                                


                                                                               Dress ALWAYS PERFECT Jade Green & Black with Belt LOVE ME!            

                                                                                                       Dress MARILYN Petrol Green              


                                                                           Sale! Dress SEXY CASCADE Black with Belt LOVE ME! Glitter